Zaiser Bracelet Skull H small 925 Silver


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Zaiser (Switzerland) designs jewelery and other EDC accessories. The idea behind the design of Zaiser,
it was the claim of the highest quality to connect with products that are not yet on the market
gives the wearer a striking appearance.
Here we present you a very unusual and eye-catching Zaiserdesign in the form of a
Bracelet in rocker style.

Zaiser Bracelet Skull H small 925 Silver

Handmade Z SKULL H small Bracelet / Silver Bracelet SKULL made of solid 925 sterling silver.
Weight: from 130g.


The skull is a widespread vanitas and “Memento Mori” symbol that symbolizes the limited time of the body on Earth and its inevitable transformation to dust. The skull, the seat of the brain, is regarded in many cultures as the vessel of the mind and the soul and therefore considered as the source of thought and life.
Skulls were used in alchemy for transformation processes, among others. Vanitas symbols are intended, mostly in moralizing intent, to recall the transience of life and earthly goods. Typical is the connection of full life with death. The term “memento mori” comes from Latin and literally means “to die to remember” (that is, to die). Common is also Memento mortis (“remembrance of death”).

-Memento mori: Remember that you are mortal!
-Memento te hominem eat: Remember that you are human.
-Respice post te, hominem te esse memento: Look around – remember that you too are only human.


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