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Weight 0,1 kg

Brass, Messing, Titanium

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


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SAK scales by Daily Customs from Hamburg.

The version 91.2+ offers space for the toothpick, the tweezers or the ballpoint pen, which is included in some Victorinox models.

Scope of delivery:
– 1 pair of shells (front and back) for 1 Victorinox pocket knife

Compatible clips are available from Emerson Knives, Steel Flame Jewelry and Benchmade.

The shells are glued firmly to the pocket knife. We recommend the use of a 2K epoxy. No glue is included.
After removing the original shells, clean the surfaces (grease-free) and apply a thin layer of glue. If this is well distributed, press on the shells and fix them in place.
Allow to rest until the adhesive is completely cured.

Important note:
Metals such as brass and copper are subject to natural ageing and patination processes. This process is inevitable and may vary in colour and shape.

Weight per set of scales:
Ti: 31.8 g (1.122 oz)
Br: 61.8 g (2.180 oz)


The delivered item may vary in shape, colour, dimensions, etc. due to production reasons.


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