Lupine Piko All-in-One Helmet/Headlamp 2100 Lumen

Product information “Piko All-in-One”.
The Piko with 2100 lumens in a practical all-in-one set. No need to choose between helmet or headlamp.

The package includes the lamp head, headband, helmet holder, battery, Bluetooth remote control, charger and instructions.
Thanks to the FrontClick system, the lamp head can be quickly mounted from the headband to the helmet (with ventilation slots) and back again.
and back again. Cable length at the lamp head approx. 25cm.

The 3.5 Ah SmartCore battery is attached directly to the headband or helmet using the FastClick system.
the remaining capacity at the push of a button and also serves as a signal light.

Features “Piko All-in-One
Headband: Dark red-black, black, blue-orange, yellow-black, olive
Battery: 25 Wh / 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick
Battery holder: with FastClick system on helmet holder, with FastClick system on headband
Colour temperature: 6000 Kelvin
Radio: Bluetooth with radio transmitter. App usable.
Weight: 60g
Capacity indicator: Yes (SmartCore battery)
Charging time: 1:50 h (3.5 Ah)
Lamp type: All in One Kit, helmet lamp, headlamp
Burn time: 1:15 h
Max. burn time: 80 h
Lumen: 2100 lumen
Lux: 115 Lux
Maximum forehead circumference: 75cm
Range: 215 m

Scope of delivery “Piko All-in-One
Lamp head Piko
Bluetooth remote control
Remote control holder
Peppi V5
3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick battery pack
Headband with FastClick/FrontClick holder
Helmet holder FrontClick with Velcro
Battery helmet holder FastClick with Velcro strap
Charger Wiesel

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Weight 1 kg


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