Miguel Barbudo Macho Toro Bravo


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Miguel Barbudo learned forging from his Father. At the same time, he was privileged to enter the School of Traditional Forging and Restoration of the San Lorenzo de El Escorial Monastery, where he learned from some of the best professionals who worked with original pieces from the 17th century.

Since 2015 he is a fulltime knifemaker. In early October 2016, there was a fire in his smithy, which completely destroyed both the Terrain and all the machines inside. He fought his way up again and rebuilt his Workshop completely. In this new Workshop he creates custom fixed and folders of outstanding quality.

His craft mixes the passion for the rich Spanish knife tradition with new, modern materials. He builds in an international style, from the simple and elegant desing to tactical shapes and the Spanish knives of the SXVIII and XIX, the modern masters of the whole world.

Miguel sees himself as an “old school” maker (a man, a word), so he offers Lifetime warranty on his products. His knives should be constant companions and always reliable to their owners, true to his motto, “Viva mi dueño” – ” Long live my owner”!

The knife comes with a handmade leather sheath from Spain.





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