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canvas micarta



TRC Knives from the workshop of Andrius Tricius in Ukmergė (Lithuania):


With a lot of manual work, high-quality knives with an eye for detail are created here.

The heat treatment is precisely matched to the steel to ensure strength and durability of the blades.

The expert, precise sharpening is done by hand.


His Kydex sheaths are precisely matched to each blade. Thus TRC ensures a good fit and minimizes scratches on the blade.

The leather sheaths are made of very high quality leather. The longevity of the product is also in the foreground here.


All objects shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only. Any decoration parts are not part of the sales contract and will not be delivered. The delivered item may vary in shape, colour, dimensions, etc. due to production reasons. Leather sheaths are made of very high quality leather. Also here the longevity of the product stands in the foreground.

1 review for TRC Mille Cuori Vanadis 4 Extra BLACK CANVAS MICARTA DLC Kydex

  1. Ellery

    The knife itself comes beautifully boxed with padding and magnetic closure, extreme care not only went into forging this knife, but making sure it is presented in a way that is just as professional. You open the box to be greeted by a full color Knife Identification booklet that also serves as the certificate of authenticity, hand signed and dated. The box also has some TRC swag in the form of a well made rubber “TRC Knives” logo medallion and sticker. Tools for Gents has also gone the extra mile and provided a “Thank You” card and a small “Tools for Gents” Velcro patch that I will proudly attach to my gear. I would talk about the knife, but what else can be said about sheer perfection and beauty of simplicity. The knife comes absolutely flawless. Period. The sheath is tight, but adjustable, so initial pull from the sheath will be a challenge, but much like the sword in the stone, if you can’t pull it out, you are simply not worthy. Shipping was fast. Scary fast. Halfway across the planet in 4 days. You simply cannot get better service than this.

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