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Gudy has customized these beautiful piece. The patch is included in the delivery.

This knife is the result of a unique designer collaboration. With premium materials, a striking design and a unique tapered backspacer, this knife is truly a one of a kind production knife.

Designers: Tashi Bharucha / Gudy van Poppel
Steel: Crucible CPM 20CV
Liners: 4mm Titanium
Tapered backspacer
Total length: 220 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Weight: 144 Grams


Tashi Bharucha

Custom knifemaker/designer Tashi Bharucha has got an unique style and real ability to pair a wide, functional blade with a slender ergonomic handle. His designs are world renowned and highly sought after, we therefore are proud to collaborate on the Xerxes knife, a recognisable Tashi Bharucha design.

Gudy van Poppel

Dutch bladesmith and custom knife maker Gudy van Poppel is a true knife making expert, having been in the field for over 2 decades. His craftmanship, extensive knowledge of steel and creativity guarantee unique traditional or contemporary
designs. Dutch Blade Works is honoured to cooperate with Gudy on the Xerxes.




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