Additional information

Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Overall length (mm)


Blade steel

Handle material

micarta, Titanium

Weight (g)




The popular model from Hoback has reached us, this run is already no longer available for dealers to order. There were only 55 pieces worldwide. It is powerful, heavy and uniquely well made, just as we are used to from Jake.

I’m an 80’s kid, and always searching for information.

I started making knives back in 1990 in my back yard, pounding out knives on a huge chunk of steel with a framing hammer and fence post nails. Went from there to working in the summertime with my best bud at his dad’s blacksmith shop in Virginia City, NV. From there on out I was hooked. I started professionally making and selling knives in 2003 and have been on a roll ever since.

If you want to know my background, you’ll have to get to know me. All you have to know is this:

“I can break a steel ball in a rubber room. I make my knives according to that.”


We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us


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