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Weight 0,400 kg
Blade steel

Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Overall length (mm)



ball bearing

Handle material




Ivan D. Braginets was born in 1978 in the town of Snezhnoe in Donetsbek (Ukraine). He has a higher engineering education. He has been working with design and knives since 2014. He worked with brands such as Real Steel, Kizer, We knives, Rike knives, Kristal, Arkona, etc. He started making custom knives only in 2021. Before that, he managed a machine tool sales department for a long time. But now he deals exclusively with knives and has developed a grinding system for knives with a friend. The prototype is now almost ready. He is also seriously planning to develop further in this direction. But his main goal is to produce customised knives.

We present to you the Avangard model, a framelock of the highest quality! We think it could become a permanent fixture in the world of high-quality custommaking knives. Ivan’s designs are very well thought out and have that special something when you hold them in your hand. Not just the complicated axle screw with the milling pattern, which you can still open with a normal tool. Ivan does not only design his knives for the gallery, but they are

also designed to be used as cutting tools. We think that Ivan D. Braginets is still a completely undervalued designer and knifemaker and can imagine strongly rising prices. We also recall Oleksii Nesterenko, whom we discovered in Paris in 2019.

Since there will always be very few custodian models per year, we see his products as a safe investment for the future.


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