L’Artigiano Scarperia “HISTORIC CORSICAN VENDETTA KNIFE” – C70 / Deerstag – 100 % Custom Handmade in Scarperia Italy – 29,5 cm (B-Ware)

The Vendetta Corsa is a typical historical folding knife of the island of Corsica, which closely resembles the Genoese knives. It is a folding fighting knife, the scale construction handle is made with fine deer antler, the blade is in c70 steel and is fitted with a traditional spring-lock movement.


In the Corsican language, Corsù, there are three names for the instrument that has been the treasured companion of that freedom-loving island people for centuries: “Stilettu”, “Spainu”, “Pulsetta”. More commonly known as the “Vendetta Corsa”, the Corsican Vendetta Knife is a typical fighting weapon used in Corsica since the island belonged to the Republic of Genoa. Indeed, it bears an evident similarity with the Genoese fixed blades and the oldest Piedmontese knives. This knife, which could reach up to 30 cm in length, has everything it takes to be a lethal weapon. It is very sturdy and is mounted on iron liners; its spring lock is typical of certain French models, and it features a “forefinger guard” that prevents the hand from slipping towards the blade when striking. The handle was usually made of animal bone and featured a Moor’s head motif, while the words “may my wound be mortal” and “Corsican revenge” were engraved in the blade with somewhat sinister foreboding. Few objects can so intensely symbolise the aspiration for freedom and independence, the sense of life and death that are part of the Corsican spirit. In this context, the ‘stilettu’ also had strong protective connotations: held between the teeth with the tip pointing forward, it warded off the procession of death, the dreaded nocturnal encounter that could grasp the unfortunate traveller.


Type of knife Folding Knives, Corsican Knives

Weight of the Knife 250

Knife Length 29,5

Blade Length 13,5

Blade Material C70 steel

Blade Crafting Brushed

Blade Thickness 3 mm

Handle Material Deer Antler

Handle colour Natural

Handle Crafting Glossy

Handle Type With Scales

Closing Mechanism Traditional Spring

Important note on these types of knives: These types of knives are still produced by the manufacturer today in almost the same way as decades and centuries ago. This also means that these knives do not have a modern “blade stop”. As with a traditional Laguiolle from France, you should therefore “always close the blades quietly”. This means that you should not let the blade snap into the handle of the knife, otherwise the edge of the blade will hit the inside of the back spring, the edge will fold over and the knife will become blunt. If it does happen, perhaps because you have given the knife to a friend, you can quickly straighten the edge with a ceramic rod and a few strokes and restore a good edge.

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