L’Artigiano Scarperia “ZUAVA DI SCARPERIA” – Stag Handle – 440C Steel – 100% Custom – hand-made in Scarperia Italy

A typical Tuscan folding hunting knife, the older models were equipped with extractors, which disappeared with the advent of modern rifles. In Scarperia, it was already in production and use since the early twentieth century and probably derives from older versions. The Caccia Mugellano is a spring-loaded folding knife with a liner-structure handle, which is usually fitted with cow-horn or wooden scales; it is particularly sturdy and popular for uses other than hunting.

The Zuava di Scarperia is an ancient knife that takes its name from the ancient French military corps of the Zouaves. Exclusively handmade since the end of the 1800s, it is the undisputed symbol of the centennial tradition of making knives in Scarperia. Indispensable object for cutting, eating, working and hunting, an intimate friend from whom we never separated, it was jealously guarded and considered very personal and accompanied entire generations in daily life until it became completely useless. The classic version with its 3mm blade in satin stainless steel and with the particularity of the handle in fine polished ox horn expertly worked and inlaid with steel plates, is a robust and reliable knife.

Important note on these types of knives: These types of knives are still produced by the manufacturer today in almost the same way as decades and centuries ago. This also means that these knives do not have a modern “blade stop”. As with a traditional Laguiolle from France, you should therefore “always close the blades quietly”. This means that you should not let the blade snap into the handle of the knife, otherwise the edge of the blade will hit the inside of the back spring, the edge will fold over and the knife will become blunt. If it does happen, perhaps because you have given the knife to a friend, you can quickly straighten the edge with a ceramic rod and a few strokes and restore a good edge.

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