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ROK is an E.D.C. (Every Day Carry) folding knife. Highly technological, reliable and easy to wear, it is the ideal companion for the everyday activities.

ROK Aluminum is supplied with a handle made from a unique piece of aluminum – wrought according to the SOLID® knife technology – and available in black, orange or red. The aluminum clip is provided with the exclusive lionSTEEL patented H.WAYL technology which allows to use the clip only if needed or else to keep it perfectly integrated in the handle. ROK Aluminum is equipped with an M390 stainless sinteresteel blade, either black coated or satin finished. For the satin finished blade version the clip has the same colour of the handle, while for the black blade version the clip is black. ROK Aluminum is provided with frame lock blade locking system together with the Rotoblock safety system.

Designed by Molletta, ROK features an M390 sintered steel flipper which can be removed with the proper supplied key. The locking bar is reinforced with a hardened steel insert, so that it can’t be damaged by the blade.

ROK is supplied in a cardboard box which is provided with the exclusive NFC technology that allows an easy access to product information, maintenance, manufacturing processes and general information about lionSTEEL directly from your smartphone.


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