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Weight 0.2 kg
Blade length (mm)


Blade steel

Overall length (mm)


Handle material





The new Hera has a dual-action out-the-front automatic, it was derived from the well-known Troodon model and is slightly smaller, making it more ergonomic. At the end of the handle grippier
Jimpings constructed for a better grip and a more interesting look in our opinion. Everything about this design screams sophistication as well as functionality. It’s one of the best all-around OTF automatic designs in an extremely crowded lineup, and it’s just the right size for everyday carry.

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The Mission
Our mission is to never compromise. We continually seek new horizons in tactical and utilitarian knife design and usage. We bring complexity and minimalism together in one piece, to reach knife enthusiasts and lovers in real-world scenarios.
Since day one we have been grounded in our deep roots and will stand firmly planted on our knife making concepts. We continue to make the world’s best cutting tools with 100% USA materials and manufacturing.
We will lead the path of ingenuity and embrace our setbacks as much as our achievements, for our goal is perfection. We will never hold back, we will never stop moving forward, and most importantly, we will never compromise.


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