Mikkel Willumsen Custom “Daze” RWL34, handle titanium bead blasted, fat carbon, clip blue, automatic
The blade is not centred in the hilt due to the design.

The Daze model is a so-called assistant opener and is opened by means of a push button, the spring support then opens the blade independently. This small and handy custom EDC is a typical design by Mikkel Willumsen.
and is intended to be a tactical urban companion that is robust yet very functional. Mikkel Willumsen, knifemaker since 1998, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Specialising in folders, fixed blades, balisongs and chef’s knives. Axes, knives and tools for special purposes and tasks are also made in the workshop. For divers, parachutists, firefighters, special forces, etc.

Willumsen’s designs, called Urban Tactical, are based on functionality and quality, combining classic designs with modern tactics. Known for his innovative and tactical designs, Willumsen is all about steel, durability and function.

Moreover, Mikkel is a truly dedicated craftsman. Willumsen is a big secret to most, but not to the most famous chefs in Copenhagen. They demand what few can deliver – the best! Mikkel Willumsen is the best and therefore in high demand, famous in the US for his detailed folding knives and among restaurant chefs for the true wonders he delivers to the kitchens of most top restaurants at home and abroad. Mikkel has designed for some of the leading manufacturers in the knife industry, such as SOG, WE Knife, BlackFox, Brous Blades, Fellhoelter and Lansky, as well as several others.

Additional information

Weight 0,400 kg
Weight (g)


Overall length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Blade steel

Hardness (HRC)


Handle material

Fat carbon, Titanium

Blade length (mm)





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