Additional information

Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Blade steel

Handle material

Stabilized Birch


steel with G10 inlay

Overall length (mm)





Thibaut Pecheux is a young knifemaker from Chagny in Burgundy, France.

His passion for making knives began in his earliest youth. No knife was practical enough to meet his needs. He wanted not only to prepare food

but also to carve a wood stick. Since the classic French models were more for food preparation, he began to build sturdy pocket knives

for all purposes. His folding knives can be moved out of the shaft with ease and also closed again almost like the quality of a ball bearing.

This has impressed us very much and that is why we have taken him, in our assortment.

Thibaut builds very few knives and can usually only be found at trade shows in France.




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