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PMP Knives Alpha Beast – D2/Titanium – BLACK PVD

Scope of delivery:
– Knife
– knife box
– Coin

Annoying, mean and sly!
This is the translation of beast! And now comes the Alpha Beast from PMP Knives, which is produced at REATE Knives.
We helped Patrick Holenstein, the owner of PMP Knives reissue a new edition of the Beast from 2018. Since 2016, PMP Knives has been projecting new models with manufacturers and their own designers. That’s when the idea came up, why not reissue older model that were very popular.
Also, many of the customers at the time wanted something even bigger and stronger, and that’s when the Alpha Beast model designed by Italian designer Carlo Maria Massa came out.
We have participated in the prototyping at REATE and none other than Jim Skelton makes the first presentation of this clean crusher.
The video shows that even an icon in the knife YouTube can still get really excited. But watch it yourself, of course we are aware that the market in the US is more suitable for it.

About PMP-Knives
My name is Patrick Holenstein, I am from the middle of Switzerland and I am the CEO of PMP Knives. PMP Knives has been around for about 4 years. My goal is to make high quality knives for collectors and also knives for the users, so there are thick massive knives for the collectors and also users. There are also thinner, more practical knives that may look less special but are very good for everyday use. I have designers from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and China. I am a small premium manufacturer, from PMP there are only limited knives with original materials, no fakes, no fraud to make more profit.



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