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Weight 0,9 kg
Overall length (mm)


Weight (g)


Handle width (mm)

approx. 13

Handle material


Blade steel

Blade height (mm)


Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)






PMP Knives Alpha Smilodon M390 stonewashed/Titan – grey FIRST PRODUCTION RUN 1/200

Scope of delivery:
– Knife
– knife box
– Coin

Sabre-toothed tiger,
that is the translation of Smilodon! Shortly after the hit, the Alpha Beast by PMP Knives, which was produced by REATE Knives, now comes the Alpha Smilodon by Kubey Knives!
Patrick Holenstein, the owner of PMP Knives, together with Joel Scott-Turner, better known as VITESSE DESIGN, developed this large but slim flipper pocket knife.  Since 2016, PMP Knives has been projecting new models with manufacturers and designers.

We were again actively involved in this project and in the prototyping of Kubey Knives, and again Jim Skelton made the first presentation (like Alpha Beast) of this large flipper, which then led to some improvements. Mainly Jim Skelton complained about the clip being too long and too soft and also the flipper tab was changed again in size and position.

This was then improved in the first production run, which is limited to a total of 200 pieces. The very high-quality produced knife makes a very light impression in the hand, despite its 230 grams, and it lies very well in the hand. Since the handle is (only) 1.3 cm thick and

the frame lock is very soft to operate, it invites you to open and close it. We find this to be another very successful typical PMP knife, which has been produced with great attention to detail. As with the Alpha Beast, there is a coin with all the details instead of a certificate.

A solid plastic box that can be closed by means of a lock.

Due to a certain similarity with the Arius model from Koenig Knives in Boise, Idaho, PMP Knives got Bill Koenig’s approval to remove any ambiguity. Joel Scott-Turner designed this model, as well as many others.

About PMP Knives
My name is Patrick Holenstein, I am from the middle of Switzerland and I am the CEO of PMP Knives. PMP Knives has been around since 2016, my goal is to make high quality knives for collectors and also knives for users, so there are thick solid knives for the collectors and also users. There are also thinner, more practical knives that may look less special but are very good for everyday use. I have designers from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and China. I am a small premium manufacturer, from PMP there are only limited knives with original materials and no fakes.


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