Additional information

Weight 0.088 kg
Blade length (mm)


Overall length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Blade steel

Hardness (HRC)

approx. 67

Handle material

Anodized, Titanium

Weight (g)




The 良 RYO-H is a ROCKSTEAD Gentlemen Knife, as is the 秀 SHU model (秀 SHU-C and 秀 SHU-CB). With the HIGONOKAMI blade, ROCKSTEAD chose a blade form that is traditionally widespread within the Japanese culture, and which is ideally suited to many cutting tasks and for everyday use. It can be used conveniently on a surface, for example, as the knife can be guided almost horizontally where cuts have to be executed precisely.
One outstanding characteristic of the 良 RYO is the “concealed clip system” developed by ROCKSTEAD. Because the moving clip can be inserted within the handle, the position of the hand when cutting is improved significantly. The elaborate internal structure is extremely robust and guarantees effortless movement of the clip, which it fixes into the relevant end position. The slimline and centrally tapering design  of the blue anodized titanium grip plates is reminiscent of the SHIN Fumon produced in 2005, but is significantly more elegant and harmonious in its contours.


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