Romain Bignon is a custom knife maker from France, from a small village called Malvalette. Each knife is manufactured individually, from the production of the individual parts, to the hardening process. Romain’s motto is very simple, his knives are supposed to be good cutting tools and never let down his owner.
The skilled mechanical engineer Romain, started in 2015 with one of his best school friends, Philippe Jourget, even one of the currently most popular knife builder to learn how to build perfect knives. He has learned the forging with steel from Mickael Moing, also a well-known knifemaker from France.
His products are characterized by a good hand position and a very good cutting blade, the ball-bearing front flipper are now available in different sizes. Slipjoints are more of a rarity of
his products. With a Bignon knife, you can be sure to hold a rarity in your hands. From our point of view, this beauties are still completely undervalued and could be an interesting investment for collectors over the next few years.

His MiniBib is a front flipper with LinerLock.


All objects shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only. Any decoration parts are not part of the sales contract and will not be delivered. The delivered object can deviate due to production in form, color, dimensions, etc..


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