Sagric Stèphane “Hooligan” Zircuti, Carbon, RWL34, Titan

Stèphane Sagric is a French custom knifemaker and has won many awards with his knives in France. In this country rather unknown, but nevertheless not uninteresting. His knives impress with very high quality. Since Oleksii Nesterenko in 2019, we could no longer find this high quality at a trade fair. Stèphane’s knives fit exceptionally well in the hand and are all very wearable as EDC. The blades run through the ball bearings just perfectly. In our assortment, only a few knifemakers can keep up with this quality.

Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg

Blade steel

Handle material

Carbon Fiber, Titanium

Blade length (mm)


Weight (g)


Overall length (mm)



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