MK Knives & Tools – Crowbar Camp Ant 2/4 Survival Knife, Rigor, Micarta, Kydex

MK Messer & Werkzeuge – Marcin Kampka. Das sind Messer mit modernem Design, hergestellt aus modernen Materialien. Ingenieurswissen und Präzision. Sorgfältigkeit und Leidenschaft eines Gentleman. Die Messer von MK Knives & Tools bieten eine konsistente Produktlinie für jeden Einsatzbereich: Survival, Bushcraft, taktischer Einsatz, Alltagsbegleitung. Feste und klappbare Messer werden aus hochwertigen Materialien hergestellt: Stähle wie Vanax, Elmax, Vanadis 4 Extra, Vanadis 23 und andere. Die Griffe werden aus Micarta, G10, Kohlefaser, Fatcarbon, stabilisiertem Holz, Titan und anderen Materialien hergestellt. Innovative, raffinierte Messer und raffinierte Holster sind echte Qualitätsprodukte der polnischen Messermacherei.

The closed, numbered from 1/4 to 4/4 series “Camp Ant” was planned as a one-off project. Crowbars “Camp Ant” are distinguished by a lower weight than most of their brethren, a 6 mm (0.24″) thick blank made of DLC-coated Rigor steel, which is easy to sharpen in field conditions. The weight parameters have been maintained, among other things, thanks to the use of a custom handle brown micarta. The knife comes with a ‘F.D.E. Fall’ Kydex holster decorated with pictograms typical of the series: ant, bonfire, tent. The Kydex is attached to the belt thanks to a brown leather loop, and a nice addition to the whole is a bead from the same micarta that appears on the handle. The type of subtly hollow grind used is also important for the blade’s construction, visible in the form of grooves on the blade, known from previous implementations and appreciated by users. A novelty in comparison to previous versions of Crowbar is the shortening of the false blade to facilitate the process of batoning wood.

The knife has a unique number “Crowbar 2/4” on the blank, distinguishing it from other versions of the series.

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Gewicht 0,5 kg
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G10, Micarta

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