Your sheath is an important part of your knife! It protects the knife from the elements, prevents the edge from dulling during transportation and most important of all keeps the sharp edge safely away from yourself, others and your stuff! A knife without a sheath is like person without clothing. It’s common knowledge that you put on a water proof jacket to stay dry in the rain. But it is less common to prepare our knives for the same. A knife can safe your life so you better take good care of it!

The DBK Leather proofer waterproofs your sheaths and other leather products! Not only that it also keeps the leather from drying out and cracking! The DBK Leather proofer is a must have for leather lovers! Because…. Your knife is worth it…

Important side note:
DBK Leather proofer darkens leather. If you don’t want to darken your leather you should not use the leather proofer! Our opinion? The darkened leather is damn sexy and gives it an authentic classic look.

HT Blend
Coco Butter
Castor Oil
DBK Love

made in: USA, Hawk Tools LLC

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