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Microtech OTF Rescue Tool

18.11.22: Attention the 1st run is sold out, but we are now opening the ordering possibility for the 1st quarter 2023, as Microtech has informed us that they have to increase the prices by 15%. From 2023, the HS Rescue will cost 799 euros. We still have a certain contingent at the old price for the first deliveries in the coming year.

14.11.22: The first delivery was sent to the first purchasers.

08.11.22: The first delivery from the USA is expected.

08.11.22: More information will follow here, there have been problems with DHL in North Carolina this time. Since this year, we have been organising our imports ourselves for reasons of cost and time. Unfortunately, our main partner DHL Express keeps making changes. On the one hand, it is no longer possible to transport knives from California via DHL Express.

This has now also happened at Microtech’s location in North Carolina, DHL Express no longer allows knife shipments and although the HS Rescue Tool is not a knife, DHL Express does not provide a suitable customs tariff number in their system for multi-tools etc.. Now the transport of the first partial delivery will be carried out via a carrier preferred by Microtech Knives.

We are expecting the first partial delivery shortly, more information regarding OTF Rescue Tool will follow here.

15.11.22 The first partial delivery could be started this week. We hope that Microtech will now send enough models every two weeks to be able to complete the pre-orders. Unfortunately, the first batch came almost exclusively in the colour orange. So the pre-orderers with the black models will have to be

have to be patient for a while.

18.11.2022 the next partial delivery of the first run is scheduled for the end of next week

22.11.2022 Microtech has informed us today that all pre-orders will be delivered by mid-December at the latest, so that the first run with all pre-orders will be completed by then.

04.12.2022 Good news, Anthony L. Marfione is now personally taking care of this project, the next delivery will arrive on 8.12.2022, a large part of the pre-orders will then be delivered, the new orders and the then not yet delivered open pre-orders will be delivered,

will be delivered in mid-December, so that all HS RESCUEs ordered this year can be delivered. This also applies to those who had ordered for the 1st quarter of 2023. There will then still be a small contingent for new orders, which we will also deliver with new orders in 2022.

We will update this information here daily if there is any new information.

Thank you for your understanding