Midgards-Messer DTG-MM Professional knife sharpening machine

The DT Grinder DTG-MM is designed for sharpening high-quality knives in all price categories, including kitchen knives. The belt speed is infinitely adjustable. It is quick and easy to learn how to use, so that anyone can sharpen their knives and scissors professionally.

The belt speed of the DT Grinder MM is adjustable and makes sharpening knives and cutting tools more efficient. The belt speed is infinitely variable between 3 and 12 m/s. The slower speed is also suitable for fine sharpening work that requires very fine material removal. With a maximum belt speed of 12 m/s, the machine can also handle larger material cuts effectively. Last but not least, burr removal is also faster at higher belt speeds, giving the machine a productivity of around 15-20 knives per hour, depending on the condition of the knives. The slowing down of the belt speed also makes the machine ideal for fine grinding work that requires very fine, small material removal.

The machine consists of two aluminum rollers and mainly steel parts. The surface treatment is carried out by electrostatic powder coating and galvanizing according to high quality standards. The knife clamps are made of heat-treated 51CrV4 steel, while the wear and support surfaces are made of highly wear-resistant Hardox sheet metal, which ensures a long service life. The machine was developed and designed in collaboration with Midgards-Messer.


Technical parameters:

Name: DT Grinder knife sharpening machine 1.
Marking: DTG-MM
Mains voltage [V]: 230V
Power [W]: 250W
Power supply [W]: 250V [V]: 250-3500 Speed [rpm]: 1000-3500
Belt speed [m/sec]: 3-12
Belt size [mm]: 30×800 Standard commercial size so you can easily order your belts e.g. from Amazon
Weight [kg]: 18
Dimensions [mm]: 515x2400x36


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