Lupine Piko All-in-One LED Headlamp Olive 1900 Lumen

The new Piko as an all-in-one set: perfect for everyone who wants to use his lamp as a forehead lamp, but also as a helmet lamp.

The third generation of Piko shines with full 1900 lumens and has an independent diffuse reading and camping light. Its CNC-milled aluminum body has been completely redesigned and is 3 mm shorter than before. This brings the Piko’s center of gravity closer to your head, which makes it even more comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The control electronics and heat management have also been completely redesigned. The latest Piko now controls much more dynamically and shines more effectively than before.

The button on the lamp head is now located in the middle of the lamp, is easier to find, especially when wearing gloves, and clicks noticeably more comfortably. The button on the Bluetooth remote control has also been optimized and the new app allows you to freely configure your lighting programs.
(The bike helmet is not included!)

Lupine stands for quality for more than 25 years – Made in Germany

We develop and produce all lamps exclusively in Germany. The majority of the individual components are manufactured in Germany or in neighbouring European countries especially for our high demands on performance and durability. This is the only way we achieve our unique quality level.

No sales and shipping to USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Italy and Australia!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Luminous intensity (Candela)




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