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Weight 1 kg


Lupine conversion kit Fastclick 2.0 Ah

The kit contains 3 items:
1. a 2.0 Ah SmartCore battery with capacity indicator
2. the required new back part
For mounting simply clip out the back part of the old headband. Important! Do not cut the band, but remove the plate. The new back part is threaded into the band via the three slots.
3. the standard back part of our Piko X Headband for disassembly. This can also be easily rethreaded.

Lupine stands for quality for more than 25 years – Made in Germany

We develop and produce all lamps exclusively in Germany. The majority of the individual components are manufactured in Germany or in neighbouring European countries especially for our high demands on performance and durability. This is the only way we achieve our unique quality level.

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