BRNLY “SQD-2” Lucas Burnley Design – CPM 20CV Steel / Fat Carbon Handle

When Lucas made the first Squid back in the early days of Burnley Knives, it became a classic among his collectors. When CRKT released the production collaboration of the design in 2015, it super-charged the Squid’s visibility in the industry, taking what was up until that point a cult-classic and helping it find its way into pockets (big and small) everywhere.

The SQD-2 is the Squid’s big brother–a design that maintains the compact, minimalist feel of the original, but in a slightly larger size. Running this project as an OEM felt like a natural middle ground between the more widely available production pieces and the more limited Burnley Knives custom pieces.

Designed in Bend, Oregon, USA. Made in Maniago, Italy.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg

Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Overall length (mm)


Handle material

Fat carbon, Titanium

Weight (g)



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