The Shield Sights Slipjoint

The Shild Sights is our first slipjoint folder
The knife has a bolt that can be screwed in, with which the knife can be turned from a folder to a fixed in no time at all.
The knife can be carried in any country in the world without restrictions.
It was developed at the request of the Shield Sights company from England to enable the wearer to carry a tactical knife in England.

Origin of this project:

Shield Sights from England had been looking for a special design for a guideable slipjoint pocket knife for 8 years. Unfortunately, several

designers could not fulfil the tight specifications and so only this wish for this knife remained. When the owner of S. S.

visited the Midgards Messer booth at the IWA trade fair in Nuremberg last year, Dirk Hofmeister was invited to a dinner in the evening.

At this dinner Dirk Hofmeister drew his idea of this design on a napkin of the restaurant. The owner of Shield Sights could not believe it at first.

in how little time D. H. had implemented his specifications. The specifications were to integrate the S. S. logo into the handle, to write out the name,

but not on the blade, it had to comply with British law to be free to carry. It should not be too thin on the handle. Tanto version etc.

As of this evening, this project was born in March 2022 and now we can also offer you these pieces of this project.


Blade length 3 inches
Blade thickness 5 mm
Steel CPMD2
Total length 17 cm

Titanium handle scales and clip and the spacer is made of spring steel

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Blade length (mm)


Blade thickness (mm)


Overall length (mm)




Handle material


Blade steel



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