Hanhart 1882


The year 1882 on the dial of every Hanhart watch still tells us the year the watch manufactory was founded. Back then, watchmaker Johann Adolf Hanhart opened a small watch shop in Diessenhofen, Switzerland. 20 years later, in 1902, the company moved to Schwenningen and continued to grow. From the 1920s, Wilhelm Julius Hanhart marked the beginning of innovative and technical progress and development of new watches at Hanhart. After the originally only produced stop watches, wristwatches are now also produced. In 1934, the availability of technically modern Hanhart wristwatches is further expanded with a further production site in Gütenbach. At the end of the 1930s and the beginning of the 1940s, due to the war in Europe, many watch manufacturers in Germany, including Hanhart, today’s famous pilot’s chronographs, are the top priority in production. In 1938 and 1939 the famous chronograph calibres 40 & 41 are introduced and go into serial production. A milestone in the history of Hanhart. These pilot’s watches have remained popular collector’s items with the professional public to this day. In the mid-1950s, the French and the newly founded German Air Force were also supplied and equipped with new Hanhart pilot’s chronographs. In the 1960s, Hanhart again becomes a leader in the production and sale of stopwatches, but dark times are looming on the horizon for the entire watch industry worldwide. In the early 1970s, the well-known “quartz crisis” begins with the flooding of the watch market with cheap quartz movements. For many companies this means the end, but not so for Hanhart. In Gütenbach they decide to enter the quartz movement production themselves. A specially developed and produced quartz movement (3305) is sold millions of times in the 80s. Long before major watch companies today are returning to their own old designs and resurrecting these models as new watches, Hanhart reissued the old pilot’s chronograph as a replica of its own before the turn of the millennium. Since the beginning of the 2000s, new special series, limited editions and new editions of old Hanhart classics have alternated in the current range, delighting existing fans, collectors and buyers, but also giving access to the younger generation of mechanical wristwatches made in Gütenbach in the Black Forest. As “Tools For Gents”, the place to go with interesting equipment for the modern gentleman, we are of course especially pleased to be able to offer you some particularly beautiful pieces of mechanical Hanhart watches in our range

As “Tools For Gents”,

Hanhart Racemaster GTM737.670

the point of contact with interesting equipment for the modern gentleman, we are of course particularly pleased to be able to offer you a few particularly beautiful pieces of mechanical Hanhart wristwatches in our range.


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