Martin Annegarn one off custom knifemaker

Hello Ladies and Gents,

we first met Martin at the Bladestock in Netherlands in July 2017. We were immediately impressed by his unique pieces and immediately accessed, some for us

self and for interested customers. Martin does not build knives full-time,
if his time allows, he is in his workshop and builds with a lot of passion only individual pieces. His most used steels are RWL 34 and Damasteel. Since all his models are built only once, there are already some very cheap one off models to buy from him. Reorders involve a long wait, but will never be the same as a previously seen model.

all offered knives you can find here in this Video!

This makes Martin Annegarn’s products so interesting for collectors. Rarity paired with high workmanship quality and an appealing modern design.

We are very enthusiastic about his masterpieces and were able to get almost a whole year’s production from him due to the failure of all trade fairs.


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