TFG are you crazy???

Hello dear Ladies & Gents,
that’s for sure, when you saw NABAN’s new products in our shop. Honestly, we thought so too, but on closer inspection and after the first applications we were convinced that
this natural medicine for skin and hair is quite different from what we used to know. As an example, for Our Knife Collectors, spying started with Spyderco and arrived at Customs today.


The Swiss company Naban skincare for men, has a completely different approach than we know it from our usual everyday shopping. On the basis of the above symbols you can already see the strict guidelines that one has set yourself to develop natural products without artificial and disease-causing additives (silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial dyes and fragrances). Nevertheless, products were created that are not very different from the application (especially for the men’s skin) from the usual us. Moreover, due to the natural fragrances, such as citrus, mint, turmeric, ginger and arve, each product has been specially tuned and has various other advantages that we have tried to describe in short form at each product.
If we were not convinced by these products ourselves, you can be sure we would not recommend or introduce them to you here and today.


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