Strapcode – Elegant and durable watch straps!

Only a good knife sheath makes a good Fixblade a very good tool!

It is exactly the same with a good wristwatch, only in combination with a good watchband you wear the perfect combination on your wrist. And that’s exactly where we are happy to present you now also some watch straps from Strapcode in the store. Because should you ever have a good wristwatch, on which the bracelet is perhaps not yet so optimal, we can only warmly recommend the really robust and yet elegant stainless steel bracelets from Strapcode from our own experience.

The quality of workmanship of each component from which then finally such a bracelet is assembled, has been perfectly executed and processed in every detail. These bracelets do not have to hide from extremely high-priced models of well-known Swiss manufacturers. In the first run, we decided on models in mostly matte finish. At the moment, all models in the store have 20 mm lugs and thus fit a wide range of watches on the market. All bracelets have screwed links and can therefore be easily adjusted to your wrist with a small screwdriver.

There is only one thing to keep in mind about the Strapcode wristbands. The manufacturer has not skimped on stainless steel for all of the straps. This makes these bracelets nice and massive and can be worn bulky on the wrist. However, if you have a perhaps somewhat delicate watch, with very short horns and close to the case sitting holes in the horns for the spring bars of the bracelet, it could be that the strong straight endlings of the bands can no longer move properly on the case. These are all quite heavy straps that fit wonderfully to a large men’s watch from 40 mm upwards. For a decent 38 mm or smaller dress watch, the straps might be a bit too dominant.


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