Skelton Bladeworks

Skelton Bladeworks

I began making knives under the tutelage of my friend and former Knifemakers’ Guild Director Jerry Moen in October of 2016.

By January of 2017, just 3 months later, I went full-time and built out my own shop at my home.

I design all of my own models, and make every knife by hand. I favor steels such as CPM-3V, S35VN, CPM154CM, Nitro-V, CPM-MagnaCut and various Damascus patterns from Damasteel, Chad Nichols and Bertie Reitveld.

I strive for unique designs, and focus heavily on my bevel grinds and finishes. The majority of my knives rest in the collections of repeat customers, who come back time and time again, owning as many as a dozen of my knives.

I became a member of the Knifemakers’ Guild in 2017, and became a Voting Member in 2020. I work hard to grow as an artist & craftsman, and to help support other knifemakers on their personal paths of growth.

I focus primarily on EDC usability with high cutting performance and also lean heavily on ergonomics.

Once I’m happy that I’ve satisfied those important areas, I try to manipulate the design into something just a little different, a bit unique, and something that will stand out in my customer’s collections.

Since 2019 I have done all of my own heat treat so that I can control the performance of every knife I make. I also apply a slightly convexed edge on all my blades regardless of whether the primary bevels are flat or hollow ground. This allows for a fine, keen edge that’s easily touched up with a strop, for longer life and ease of maintenance.

Prior to making my own knives, I started a YouTube channel dedicated primarily to high end, custom knife collecting.

Showcasing the fine work of extremely talented knifemakers from all around the world.

Over the years I began including high end production knives because so many talented makers began producing their designs with some fantastic knife manufacturers and opened our eyes to the endless possibilities available to us.

I still upload regularly and particularly enjoy exposing up & coming makers to my audience, helping them grow their business and support their incredible talents.

Beyond all business ventures, I just love knives.

Collecting, using, photographing and reviewing them for nothing more than the pure pleasure I derive from the hobby, and the fun I have meeting so many incredible people within this community.

As of 2023 I am solely focused on my production models due to severe health problems that prevent me from being able to work on customs in the shop. My books are closed, and are likely to remain so. In the “shop” section, you will see options for all available production models that I am selling directly.


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