The Caladan is an EDC sized Spearpoint flipper based on my custom fixed blade “Exorcist” model. The main focus for the Caladan is to be an easy to carry EDC sized folder that still has a seemingly full sized blade to manage any cutting tasks, while being contoured for amazing ergonomic comfort. Every sweep of the shape and swell of the contours is dedicated to absolute comfort, to the point that even the titanium pocket clip is contoured instead of flat. Crucible CPM-S90v is a high performing stainless tool steel that was chosen for the blade because of it’s ability to hold an edge for an incredibly long time and it’s ability to take a very fine edge. The high volume of Vanadium in s90v gives the steel its legendary wear resistance, and has earned its high cost and stellar reputation. A note regarding DLC Coatings: DLC stands for “Diamond-Like Carbon” coating. It’s applied via the PVD process. Physical Vapor Deposition – also known as PVD Coating or Thin Film – refers to a variety of deposition techniques where solid metal vaporizes in a high vacuum environment. Then it deposits on electrically conductive materials as a pure metal or alloy coating. The DLC process of bonding carbon and hydrogen confers valuable “diamond-like” properties such as mechanical hardness, low friction, optical transparency and chemical inertness. In other words, in the case of the Caladan blade being handrubbed satin, you’ll see the fine satin finish through the black DLC coating. The coating is also more scratch resistant than the surface of the actual steel underneath. And while s90v is already very rust & corrosion resistant, the DLC coating adds even more protection and the process is a food-safe coating process as well. The action of the Caladan has earned it a solid following among collectors, and raved about in every review online. The snappy detent and luxuriously smooth action means lightning fast flipping, and smooth, controlled gravity closing under the blade’s own weight once the lock is disengaged. The Caladan will be one of the best flippers you’ve ever handled, easily comparable to high end customs at 10X the price. Every small detail was labored over during the design phase as well as manufacturing. From the generous cutaway in the presentation side of the frame to allow for significantly easier lockbar access to the curvature and jimping of the flipper tab to assure comfort and solid purchase everytime you go to flip your knife as well as the shape of the bolster to completely hide the flipper tab when the blade is open to create a clean, uninterrupted flow to the overall profile of the knife. On the satin blade options, every blade is truly handrubbed, not held down on a running machine to simulate the look. Doing so can generate too much friction on the blade, causing heat which can destroy the precise heat treat of the blade.

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Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 cm


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