Your CCW firearm plus a spare magazine can be added to any hook-and-loop surface with this CCW-PLUS-MAG Hook & Loop Insert. Secured in place with a universally fitting elastic strap supported by low slip and tough Hypalon rubber composite. It will hold your CCW and either one single or double stack magazine with a sturdy hook fastener back, ready when you need it.

Specs & Features

  • Net Weight: 1.3 ounces | 36 grams
  • Ultra-durable & grippy Hypalon® rubber composite material (resistant to heat, chemicals and UV)
  • Elastic webbing self-adjusts for positive handgun/magazine retention
  • Holds two single or double-stack magazines with dedicated elastic webbing slots, can also retain flashlights, folding knives, multi-tools and other accessories
  • Hook fastener sewn on backside, attaches onto any loop-sided surface

All objects shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only. Any decoration parts are not part of the sales contract and are of course not included. The delivered item may vary in shape, colour, dimensions (cm)n, etc. due to production reasons.

Additional information

Weight 0,04 kg

Back with velcro surface (hook), elastic webbing, Hypalon



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