VANQUEST Adapter for quick attachment of additional equipment.

STICKY PANEL upgrades any loop lined surface with admin organization. Our durable and grippy Hypalon combine with Maximizer elastic webbing offer secure retention. With a hook fastener back that secures to any loop surfaces. Retain tools like flashlights, pocket knives, multi-tools, pens, markers etc.

The perfect accessory for products with Hook-& Loop linings, such as the Vanquest IBEX or TRIDENT.

Specs & Features

– Ultra-durable & grippy Hypalon® rubber composite material (resistant to heat, chemicals and UV)
– Elastic 1” & 2” webbing provides secure retention of items
– Hook fastener sewn on backside, attaches onto any loop-sided surface
– Maximizer webbing retains flashlights, pocket knives, multi-tools, pens, markers etc.
– Finished with high tensile strength bonded nylon thread.

– Dimensions: 2” H x 3” W, Net Weight: 0.6 ounces | 17 grams
– Dimensions: 2” H x 7” W, Net Weight: 1.1 ounces | 31 grams


All objects shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only. Any decoration parts are not part of the sales contract and will not be delivered. The delivered object can deviate due to production in form, color, dimensions, etc.

Additional information


Back with velcro surface (hook), elastic webbing, Hypalon





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