NABAN Natural Skincare for Men
is the uncomplicated all-in-one premium care series for the ambitious man who values health, a well-groomed lifestyle and environmental protection.

NABAN stands for healthy skin and shaving care for men with 100 % natural and highly effective ingredients that are subject to strict certified controls. The care line gives back to the skin what environmental influences, pollutants and stress demand from it, so that men can face their challenges freshly and confidently.

We have noticed that men all too often associate daily skin and shaving care with negative experiences. Shaving is definitely stressful for a man. It involves both conscious (for the man) and unconscious (for the skin) stress. Genau deshalb rasieren sich auch viele Männer mit sensibler Haut weniger häufig, als sie gerne möchten. Ihr Bart ist keine Stilfrage, sondern einfach nur Mittel zum Zweck: Hautirritationen und Entzündungen nach der Rasur zu vermeiden. Doch damit ist jetzt Schluss! With NABAN skin and shaving care, your care ritual becomes a personal feel-good experience.

Leave everyday life behind – do something good for yourself and treat yourself to this time out – because this is true luxury.


Simply shave: The essentials for a smooth cut & care
Most men are very set in their ways of shaving and caring for their beard. This is often because shaving is a real challenge for the skin. Especially with frequent shaving, the skin on the face is put under a lot of stress. Razor burn, reddened skin, small injuries or ingrown hairs can be the result if shaving or skin care is not well matched to one’s own hair and skin type. Once men have established a form of shaving for themselves, they usually have little interest in trying new things – the danger that lurks beyond their own grooming routine is supposedly too great.

Men don’t have to “experiment” with their face at all! With our beard shaving products, we provide you with the means to effectively avoid the risk of injured or irritated skin. In our range, you will also find beard care productsthat have both a prophylactic and healing effect.

Wet shaving: products for comfort & efficiency
The classics for shaving: the razor with blades and a shaving brush that can be used to create a shaving foam with a fine texture from shaving soap. Our NABAN razor is made of brass and, with its weight, lies very well and quietly in the hand. It is particularly important to choose the optimal razor blade. The blade must be so sharp that it is in no way inferior to a freshly sharpened razor. In contrast to the latter, you can change the blades and perform every single beard shave with uniformly high quality. The sharper the blade, the gentler the shave!

Do you love making your own shaving foam with the help of soap and a brush? With our NABAN shaving brush, you can even take your preferences with you when you travel: the brush folds up conveniently and always comes out of your travel bag intact and without a single kinked hair!

Shaving and beard care: They belong together
Unlike a conventional shaving gel, our nourishing shaving oil makes a real difference! It moisturises the sensitive skin on the face and strengthens the skin barrier. The oil allows the razor blade to glide over the skin without touching it directly. This makes for a close shave and protects the skin. The oil also contains vitamin E and bisabolol, which has an anti-inflammatory and cell-renewing effect. The shaving oil can be massaged into the tips of the beard and even the ends of the hair, which prevents the hair from drying out and ensures a well-groomed, smooth look. The oil smells subtly and freshly of mint and orange oil – this will not only delight the man who is still looking for the right aftershave!

NABAN shaving cream is particularly recommended for wet shaving. Its composition is similar to a high-quality shaving foam, but it is more comfortable to use. Our shaving cream contains substances that cleanse gently and thoroughly and provide the skin with optimal moisture – without being greasy.

We carefully select the ingredients according to the high standards of natural cosmetics for men and also guarantee that they are 100 % produced in Switzerland and strictly certified. Our shaving products are:

free from artificial fragrances & colourings
produced without animal testing
free from parabens
free from mineral oils & silicones

You don’t (only) shave, but also wear a beard? Then you might be interested in other beard care products: With a beard brush made of wild boar hair, you can tame even the most unruly beard. Because the hairs in the beard are not electrically charged by brushing, but become supple and they lay down well in shape. On the go a lot? Then we recommend the NABAN pocket comb for beard care in between.

Beard shaving with pleasure: products and care products from NABAN
It is a personal concern of ours to end the stress that shaving causes many men. Whether razor, blade, razor, foam or shaving soap – we believe that good products enable a grooming routine that is fun and encourages experiencing beard shaving and grooming not as a necessary evil, but as a moment of relaxation. For satisfied men. With beautiful beards and beautiful skin.


Discover NABAN Men’s Grooming Essentials
Natural ingredients for a naturally convincing radiance – As an all-in-one natural cosmetic care range for men, the skin care essentials from NABAN Skincare for Men are aimed in particular at those men who place great value on quality, naturalness and purity and are looking for an optimal solution for their daily care routine.

Swiss care products – specially tailored to the needs of men’s skin
Did you know that men’s skin is very different from women’s? Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker, produces more sebum and is naturally better supplied with blood. Men therefore need formulations with more moisture and less oil for their facial care products. Both in cleansing, in cream and in shaving.

Daily care with NABAN
Environmental influences such as air pollution, fine dust pollution and increased ozone levels, stress and also shaving pose daily challenges for men’s skin. Careful but gentle cleansing and the supply of important ingredients and plenty of moisture is the best basis for achieving and maintaining a vital, fresh and healthy skin condition for every type of male skin.
In our vegan skincare range you will find all the important products that are suitable for every skin type. The NABAN skincare range includes:

Shower Gel / 3 in 1/ Body, Face & Hair
Detox Shave Cream / Detox Shaving Cream
Shaving Oil / Skin & Beard
After Shave Balm / After Shave Balm
Moisturiser / Moisturising Cream / Day & Night

High quality & sophisticated – Vegan men’s shaving and skincare from nature
NABAN shaving and skin care products for men are more than cosmetics. With our all-natural shaving and skin care products, we not only want to achieve the optimal daily grooming ritual and healthy skin condition, but we also want to set an example for the environment. With our high quality standards for the effectiveness of our men’s care , we also combine our responsibility for sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare. Whether cream, shower gel or after shave balm. All NABAN care products are:

100% natural
without artificial fragrances
produced without animal testing
free from parabens
without mineral oils
without silicones
free from artificial colouring
Made and bottled in Switzerland

All in One Daily Skin Care Ritual with NABAN Natural Cosmetics for Men – Our Tips:
Our skin reflects our general well-being. It is our business card and contributes greatly to our personal radiance. To avoid skin irritations and to keep our skin healthy, we should cleanse it daily and care for it regularly.

Start the day with a refreshing shower. Our Shower Gel revitalises your skin and senses with the refreshing scents of turmeric, arva and ginger. With a skin neutral pH formula, our Shower Gel allows for extra gentle and mild cleansing while high quality Aloe Vera extract moisturises skin and hair. By cleansing your face daily in the morning and evening, your skin is freed from dirt and sebum, making it more receptive to the incoming Naban products.

Our Moisturiser / Moisturising Cream with Anti Aging Formula provides your skin with optimal moisture, soothes and protects against premature ageing. Day and night. Our NABAN face cream contains only natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, edelweiss extract, aloe vera, horsetail extract, echinacea (coneflower), vitamin E, bisabolol and jojoba oil.

In addition to cleansing and nourishing creams, men can also choose from shaving oil, Detox shaving cream and our After Shave Balm to create the perfect coordinated routine. Discover the beard & shaving products from NABAN here.

Perfectly cared for skin at home & on the go
Do something good for your skin and the environment and order your facial care products for men directly here in the NABAN online shop. You can choose from different sizes of Moisturiser / Moisturising Cream, Shower Gel and After Shave Balm and treatyourself to your ideal daily care ritual at home or on the go. For a well-groomed face, a fresh complexion thanks to natural ingredients.

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