LionSteel L.E.One – Earth Brown / Stone Washed – CPM MagnaCut – collaboration with Emerson Design

lionSTEEL-Emerson ONE is the new SOLID® Karambit knife developed in collaboration with Emerson Design.

The Solid frame-lock handle, already a distinctive characteristic for lionSTEEL, is milled out from a solid piece of Ergal aluminum available in black, red, green or Earth brown color, while the blade is made of CPM MagnaCut steel. he other embedded features make the knife more comfortable and secure to be used, allow the final user to choose how to use the knife. REF (REmovable Flipper system): this feature permits to choose how to use the knife, if you don’t want the flipper you can unscrew it using the torx tool and put the second “cap” screw that perfectly fits the hole in bottom of the blade. The patented Wave Feature. Ernest Emerson created the Emerson Wave Feature when he discovered that the knife would self deploy when being pulled from your pocket, given the right motion.This device allows you to open the knife literally, as it is removed from the pocket. This makes any Emerson Knife with the remote pocket opening system the fastest deploying knife in the world. Faster than an automatic, your knife is open as it comes up into your hand-ready for use.

Total length: 210 mm. – 8.27 in.
Blade length: 82 mm. – 3.23 in.
Blade thickness: 4 mm. – 0.16 in.
Total weight: 134 gr. – 4.73 oz.
Blade steel: CPM MagnaCut
Blade finish: Stone washed
Locking system: Frame lock
Frame: Aluminium
Handle colour: Brown
Packaging: Cardboard box
Style: Karambit

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