Here is the 3D printed sheath for the TFG KNIVES ALION RAZOR FIXED.


German Review,  Sharpness test with a Bess instrument:

Attention: The edge is 55 mm long.First Produktion Run ltd. xx/300

The STREET RAZOR ALION  Fixed is another of TFG’s own products. The design comes from the pen of Mikkel Willumsen. It is an all-in-one EDC, it can be used as a razor, but also as an EDC.

The material used here is 440C. Due to its design, this knife, which visually appears to be a razor, can be used as a normal EDC Mini-Fixed knife. The cutting phase is more like a normal

 knife, although the blade thickness is 4 mm, the blade tapers towards the bevel by means of a strong hollow grind. So we could manage to use this EDC in several worlds.

Thus, the use as a sharp Mini Fixed for everyday life is no longer in the way, just by the back of the blade, which is sufficiently strong for this and provides a handle made of carbon fiber.

The scope of delivery includes a box and Sheat.

Attention: The edge is 55 mm long.

How it came about:

Hello Ladies & Gents,

after the January 2023 issue of the German Messer Magazin described a new rescue OTF knife class, which was approved by the German BKA from August last year, we are starting the year 2023 with another new knife class.

Collectors and users of our species worldwide are having more and more problems managing their EDC. There are even banned zones for Victorinox pocket knives & Leatherman multitools.

One of the founders of TFG, Richard Scholz, had an idea in his head for a long time on how to solve this problem. And this idea is not only specifically intended for the German 42a paragraph. No, even in Thailand, for example, any knives are subjectthe driving ban. From these experiences and some more we have the
developed the first EDC Razor that can do almost anything.

Today we present you the Razor designed by Mikkel Willumsen, called Alion EDC. It can be carried out practically worldwide, except in the special security zones such as airports etc..
It looks like a modern razor, which it is, but due to its design it is also a completely normal EDC tool, which can be used as a box cutter, spread knife or outdoors as a rope cutter.

There were a lot of tests we did that we kept secret this time. Because we think this idea is simply sensational and leaves many more options open.

A straight razor is designed to cut hair only because the blade needs to be very thin and flexible. The TFG Alion is constructed completely differently, because it is ground on the bevel like a normal knife, with a very strong hollow grind.
That means it can do anything a regular knife can do, and it can also cut hair.

The TFG Alion is probably a very polarizing product for the shaving fraction, we are aware of that. It is ideal for beginners because it can be held very far forward and in different ways due to its shape.

Since it behaves a little differently than a classic straight razor, it is more forgiving
mistakes in shaving, which can often lead to cuts. Especially for beginners would be the Alion
excellent helper to start with before working your way up to the pro class.

The professionals among you have the option of grinding the TFG Alion even thinner if they only want to use it as a razor.

But our approach is different, it should and can be carried in a wash bag and used as such. But we see it more as an all in one EDC, (hence the name).

A steak in the evening, a box or even a piece of string and what else is not available for daily tasks, the TFG Alion is also ideally suited for this.

Due to the robust blade and also the robust bevel, it can master all kinds of tasks. We offer you a 100-day guarantee, because it is only intended to be the impetus for a new class of knives that will help us to master our daily tasks without coming into conflict with the law. If it then looks as cool as the TFG Alion Razor, which will 100% turn heads, then even better.

With our manufacturer in China, we have only managed to harmonize quality and price-performance with the Razor with 3 rust-resistant steels.
This is the 440C, 14C28N and the 9Cr18MoV. However, high-performance steels could also be used in the future.

We have only produced 300 pieces so far and it is now up to you whether it is included
such products will continue with us in the future. We’re excited to hear your reaction, so we’re offering the TFG Alion Razor at an introductory price.

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Blade steel

Overall length (mm)


Blade length (mm)


Handle length (mm)


Handle material

G10 / CF

Blade thickness (mm)


Weight (g)





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