L’Artigiano Scarperia “THE PILGRIM’S KNIFE” – Buffalo Horn – 100 % Custom hand-made in Scarperia Italy (BIG)

The Pilgrim’s Zuava Folding Knife handle is made from prime buffalo horn and is distinguished by the insertion of seven silver pins; the 440c stainless steel blade bears the mark of the pilgrim’s shell and arrow, recalling the spiritual path-guiding symbols. A traditional, simple spring-loaded movement assists blade closure. The knife is provided with a jute bag and a rosary made composed of 10 black onyx grains.


The Zuava del Pellegrino, past and present of an historic knife rich in folklore and tradition, owes its name to a legendary French military corps. An indispensable implement since ancient times and an inseparable close friend, it continues to exert its inexplicable, mysterious and fascinating attraction to this day. The Zuava del Pellegrino knife represents the symbolic and spiritual union of an instrument created to cut, serve, and accompany man on his life’s journey. In this case, it also provides a cross before which the pilgrim can pay; it appears upside down when the knife is closed, but when it is open, as when stuck in wood or bread before eating, it presents the cross appropriately upright. The pilgrims who travelled on their spiritual journeys certainly had a knife in their pockets, and who knows if some carried such a knife. This image is dear to us, which is why today we have designed and made this jewel, entirely by hand in Scarperia, to be collected and, why not, for you to carry on your wonderful journeys. It is a unique object, full of meaning, a splendid team effort by Andrea Vierucci, Alessandro Conti and Fabio Gasparrini.

Important note on these types of knives: These types of knives are still produced by the manufacturer today in almost the same way as decades and centuries ago. This also means that these knives do not have a modern “blade stop”. As with a traditional Laguiolle from France, you should therefore “always close the blades quietly”. This means that you should not let the blade snap into the handle of the knife, otherwise the edge of the blade will hit the inside of the back spring, the edge will fold over and the knife will become blunt. If it does happen, perhaps because you have given the knife to a friend, you can quickly straighten the edge with a ceramic rod and a few strokes and restore a good edge.

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